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How to do body massage at home by own?

Using various oils, essential oils and moisturizers you can give yourself an energizing and rejuvenating massage. You can start from your feet, go up to your knees and lower thighs, and then continue to the abdomen, shoulders and head. In this process, use different strokes and methods, and keep changing the amount of pressure applied. These types of massages will benefit you with better blood circulation and glowing skin.

Who wants a body massage?

Even though we generally enjoy the luxury of a body massage on vacation, we need to give ourselves one at least once or twice a month. Anybody and everybody Above the Age of 18 should follow this. Exercising or playing a sport is known to be important for staying fit. Similarly, to Relive the Body and to keep it fit, a massage specially from therapists or massage centers is recommended for everyone. It reduces your body pain, improves your metabolism, blood pressure, blood sugar and body immunity apart from leaving you physically and mentally relaxed.

How to give a body massage?

A good body massage is one which ensures the feet, legs, upper back, neck & shoulders, hands & arms as well as the head is covered. When massaging the head ensure the fingers are firm and moved in a circular pattern, for best results. Rolling hands, firm pressure from the thumb, keeping the strokes firm, and varying the pressure for different parts are the methods of delivering a relaxing body massage.

Can a pregnant woman get a full body massage?

Yes, a pregnant woman can get a full body massage. However, as a general norm, it is considered safe after the first trimester and only post consultation with a Prenatal Massage Therapist. A point of precaution is that, even though most Massage Therapists provide massages for pregnant women, it is suggested to get it done only from Prenatal Massage Specialists.
These massages help pregnant women not just get rid of the pains and aches felt throughout the body, but also decrease signs of anxiety. It positively affects the health of the to-be-born baby as well.

Can extra virgin olive oil be used for body massage?

Yes, extra virgin olive oil can be used for body massages. It is used in cases of Home Massages, where different essential oils are mixed. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is the best quality of olive oil which is available and has a high concentration of natural vitamins as well as minerals. This results in relieving muscle pain and combating dry skin.

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